Company Overview

Miracle Industries Limited (MIL) is a leading plastic packaging manufacturer in Bangladesh with a diverse product portfolio. Founded in 1995 as BCIC- MIL joint venture, the company produces and exports a complete range of polypropylene woven sacks and value added FIBCs. (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Customers are our first priority. MIL is committed and focused to customer's requirements. The company has earned a global trust with 100% focus on customer service. Offering one stop solution for bulk packaging requirements, MIL recommends cost saving opportunities wherever possible. We have developed closed partnerships with our customers and work together on projects to continually meet and exceed their expectations.

MIL has a vertical production system with the highest level of professionalism and total commitment to quality, efficiency and safety. The company has been following the best practices in order to meet the highest standards in quality, service and reliability.

It is the goal of Miracle Industries Limited to create a rich and proud history built on customer satisfaction and industry innovation. We achieve these two fundamentals through our set core values. These basic principles had driven us to become the supplier of choice for "Quality" products in every industry we serve. Complementing our talented and well-trained workforce, we use state of the art equipment and processes for all products. Since "Quality" is such an extremely important aspect of all business and industry, we have a firm commitment to the principles and tools of lean manufacturing, statistical and process control. We also follow a stringent "Quality" assurance program from which our slogan, "Source of high quality FIBCs", is derived.

Innovation, improvisation and perfection is defined at every step of our manufacturing process to increase efficiency at all levels. Our in house Research & Development (R&D) department works with each customer to design and develop each product for optimum strength, handling ease and safety to enhance our customer-enteric approach by being a solution provider. The prime focus of our R&D team is to constantly work towards re-evalution and upgrading of existing products and processes, thus optimizing cost effective packaging.

Our manufacturing facility is strategically is situated 40 km from Dhaka city in Bangladesh.

MIL is a public limited company and is listed in Dhaka stock exchanges of Bangladesh.